My NCAA Bracket is Currently Blank

I am sure that all of us are very exciting for the upcoming NCAA Basketball Tournament. Are you ready to have your blank NCAA Bracket ? Have one on time and get your lucky picks! March Madness is very near!

I prepared my NCAA bracket 2011 and I am starting to make predictions (well, I'm just pretending that I am an expert for this). But I will rely on expert's predictions and tips!

By the way, what is March Madness? According to what I have read, the term "March Madness" was coined by Henry V. Porter in 1939. H. V. Poter was an official with the Illinois High School Association. Maybe it is also became a trending term as the basketball tournament held during the month of March.

Who will be the champion this year? One thing I'm sure about it, it will be a big basketball action that will buzz not only America but also the fans around the world who loves sports! Be sure that you will have the NCAA bracket update 2011 this March!